Top 5 Caribbean Beach Destinations

During my lifetime I have been lucky enough to go on many cruise holidays. This means I got to visit a lot of beaches and a lot of towns and cities. Having recently been on a cruise around the Caribbean I thought I was only appropriate to tell you which, in my opinion, are the best beaches that you can go to within the Caribbean.

My favourite beaches are:

1 . Trunk Bay (St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands) - Trunk Bay this beach I have come back to again and again ever since I was a small child, it is the ultimate beach in my opinion. It has excellent clear blue waters and the white fluffy sand just looks magnificent. If you don’t know what it looks like then just imagine the perfect Caribbean beach and hey presto, that’s trunk bay. I always remember trying to swim to the rock islands in the middle of the bay, unsuccessfully of course but it’s always been a memory


During your trip to Thailand, do not forget to taste some of the best Thai dishes. Thai dishes have become a perennial favorite among the food lovers of the world. There is a number of Thailand. In Thai cuisine you can also find some influence of the neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos. This influence has enriched the Thai cuisine to some extent. Larb a Lao meat dish is one of the meat dishes that have become quite popular in Thailand. Though the dish has originated in Laos, the dish has been adapted into the cuisine of Thailand. Especially the people of Northeastern Thailand are very fond of this meat dish. During your trip to Thailand, do not forget to taste this tasty meat dish from any of the Thai restaurants.

Larb is also known as Laap, Larp or Laab and it is a well known type of Lao salad which is made with meat. The dish is prepared form a wide variety of meat. The meats used in this dish include chicken, beef, turkey, duck and pork. Fish is also used to prepare this dish at times. This Lao meat salad is often flavored with fish sauce and lime. The meat used in this dish is either raw or is cooked. The meat used in Larb is used in minced form. Chili, mint leaves, and assorted vegetables are often mixed with this minced meat to prepare this salad. Roughly toasted rice is also a major ingredient of this dish. Larb is generally served at the room temperature with sticky rice. There are some variations of this delicious dish. In some variations thin strips of meat are used instead of minced meat.

Larb is one of the most poplar dishes in Laos and is often called the unofficial national dish of the country. In Northeastern Thailand this dish has also became quite popular. You can find this Lao dish at most of the restaurants in Thailand.

Gai Yang

Craving for some unique chicken dishes that you can enjoy while on the run? Gai Yang is one of the most popular Thai dishes. This grilled chicken dish has become quite popular among the food lovers from different corners of the world. wherever you go in Thailand you can get this tasty grilled chicken dish. You will get this amazing dish at a number of Thai restaurants as well as in different street food stalls in Thailand. In fact, Gai Yang is one of the most popular street foods of Thailand. You are sure to enjoy this spicy and flavorful grilled chicken dish during your trip to Thailand.

Gai Yang is one of the best dishes that originated in Laos and the Isan region of Thailand. This dish is also known as Ping Gai. This dish is also known as Thai barbecued chicken in the west. However, at present this dish is often eaten throughout Thailand. The dish has become a perennial favorite of the Thai people.

Gai yang means roast chicken in Lao language means roast chicken. This dish is often served with sticky rice and tammakhoung. This dish is also served with raw vegetables and spicy sauces are used as a dip for the dish.

To prepare Gai Yang a whole chicken first halved and pounded. Then it is marinated with a variety of spices. The marinade of this dish includes turmeric, fish sauce, cilantro or coriander roots, white pepper and garlic. Black soy sauce, hoy sin, shallots, coriander, lemongrass, vinegar, palm sugar and MSG are some of the other ingredients that can also be found in this amazing dish. After marinating the chicken is grilled over a low heat. A charcoal flame is used to grill the dishes. The chicken is kept on low heat over the flame for a long time. However, the chicken is not cooked to be dry or burnt.


Looking for some spicy fare that can also double as a filling food? Then you can opt for Sate which is a popular meat dish in Thailand. The dish has some similarities with kebab and is very spicy and delicious. Most of the tourists who visit Thailand make it a point to eat at least one dish of satay. If you are a food lover and love to try different dishes then you must taste a dish of satay during your trip to Thailand. You are definitely going to love the taste of satay.

According to the food historian, satay or sate originated in Java, Indonesia. Later it became a popular dish in much South East Asian country including Thailand. You can get a wide variety of satay in different parts of Thailand. The dish is very similar to sish kebab and yakitori. You can also get similar dishes in the cuisines around the world.

Sate or satay is a dish prepared with diced or sliced meat. A variety of meat is used to prepare this delicious dish. The meats used in this dish include goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish and chicken. These diced meats are placed in a skewer and are grilled or barbequed over charcoal frame or wood flame. Generally bamboo skewers are used to prepare this dish. However, in authentic preparation the midrib of coconut leaf is used as a skewer. The satays are then served with a number of spicy seasoning and sauces. The main characteristic of this dish is the use of turmeric in this dish. It gives the dish its distinct yellow tint. In most cases the grilled meats are served with spicy peanut dip, onion and cucumber. Sometimes it is served with ketupat or rice cakes. Pineapple based satay sauce is also served with some sate dishes.

Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is one of the most popular main dishes of Thai cuisine. This dish is an integral part of Thai cuisine. No matter what dish you try it is always served with sticky rice. Noodle only comes as a close competitor. Sticky rice has become quite popular in differ t parts of the world. Food lovers across the globe enjoy sticky rice with the spicy Thai curry dishes. If you love Thai cuisine you are sure to develop a fondness of this variety of rice. If you have not tasted the rice dish then make sure you order some during your next trip to any Thai restaurant.

Sticky rice is a signature dish of Thai cuisine like tom yum and som tam. It is a variety of short grained Asian rice that becomes very sticky when it is cooked. Sticky rice is often known under different names. Some call it sweet rice and waxy rice depending on its taste and look. Botan Rice, Biroin Chal, mochi rice and pearl rice are some of the well known names of this variety of rice. The rice is also known as glutinous rice. The name was given to it tress on the glue-like stickiness of that dish and not for containing gluten.

In Thai language sticky rice is known as Khao Neaw. This rice is cooked after soaking them in water for long hours. After soaking the rice is steamed in a bamboo pot. After that the rice is turned out in a clear surface and is kneaded with an wooden paddle. This results into rice balls that stick to each other but not to the hands. Unlike the non-glutinous rice the rice dish appears to be sticky and dry. This dish is used in Thai cuisine and is also used to prepare Thai desserts.

Restaurants in Pattaya

Restaurants in PattayaAre you looking for an eatery in Pattaya that serves you with some tasty and filling food? Then you can have a wonderful time at the restaurants in Pattaya. These Pattaya restaurants have a wide palate of food consisting of the choicest of dishes. Some of these restaurants also serve you with high quality wines and spirits. The food served in these eateries in Pattaya is very delicious and spicy. You can also order for your favorite food from international cuisine in these restaurants. If you love to binge on food you are sure to have a wonderful time tasting new dishes at these eateries in Pattaya.

As Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia for the international travelers, the country developed itself from the point of view of tourism. To satisfy the tourists, a number of eateries, restaurants, pubs and beer bars have been established in different parts of the country. Pattaya, the famous beach destination of the country is also not an exception to the rule. In this amazing beach destination you can get a plethora of restaurants that are sure to take you on a gastronomical journey. There are also some small eateries that make tasty mouthwatering treats from thai and oriental cuisine. You can also get some tasty delicacies from the street food shops in Pattaya.

In pattaya, which is the most well known beach destination in Thailand, you can find a wide range of specialty restaurants. These restaurants specialize on different cuisines of the world. So, you can have a good meal consisting of dishes from your cuisine in Pattaya. These specialty restaurants serve you with dishes from Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Continental, Italian, French and Dutch cuisine. If you love tasting food from Different cuisines then you will surely enjoy dining at the specialty restaurants in Pattaya.

Yellow Curry

Yellow curry is one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine. The curry has become quite popular among the food lovers across the world. Thai cuisine is one of the most well known oriental cuisines that have become a perennial favorite of those who love to eat spicy food. You can get this delicious Thai curry in any of the Thai restaurants across the world. The curry dish one of the most well known curry dishes that are served in Thai cuisine. During your trip to Thailand do not forget to taste this flavorful curry dish at any of the restaurants in Thailand.

Yellow curry is usually known as Gaeng Ga ree and is one of the three most well known curry dishes of Thailand. These curry dishes are generally known by their color – red, green and yellow. This Thai curry dish is generally served in Thai restaurants in the west.

Yellow curry has a richer taste and creamier consistency than most other Thai curry dishes. In this dish coconut cream is used instead of coconut milk. The dish is cooked with a variety of spices and coconut cream is used to tone down the spiciness. The main ingredient of yellow curry is fresh turmeric that gives the curry the yellowish color. Black mustard seeds, nutmeg, palm sugar, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and coconut milk. Meat is also used to prepare this curry. The dish is mainly prepared with duck, chicken, fish, shrimp and vegetables. The dish is generally served with rice or noodles dish.

There are several versions of yellow curry like Gold curry, Elephant Curry and Orange Curry. All these curries have distinct taste, consistency and flavor. In southern Thailand the yellow curry is prepared with a generous dose of spice that gives the curry a reddish brown appearance. Potato is also used in this curry in some regions of Thailand.