Khao Soi - A Thai Soup

Khao Soi is one of the well known dishes of Thai cuisine, the popular oriental cuisine. The Southeast Asian cuisine has gained huge popularity among the food lovers of the world. Thai dishes are well known for offering a perfect blend of all five main flavors- spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Thai cuisine is often influenced by the cuisine of neighboring countries. The cultures of neighboring countries also influence the Thai cuisine. Khao Soi is a popular Thai dish that is influenced by Burmese cuisine. The Thai dish is very popular in Northern Thailand and is also a favorite dish of lovers of Thai cuisine around the world. 

Khao Soi is a Thai tasty Thai dish that is also known as Khao soy. The dish is influenced by Burmese cuisine. The Thai dish is served in Northern Laos as well as in the Northern region of Thailand. In Chiang Mai and Lang Prabang this dish is very popular. However, you can also get this dish at any of the well known Thai restaurant.

Khao Soi is a soup like Thai dish. Deep fried and crisp egg noodles are used in this soup. Other ingredients used in this soup include shallot, lime, pickled cabbage and a lot other things. Nam prik pao and meat in a sauce are also used in this dish to prepare the soup. The sauce poured on the meat is like curry and is prepared with coconut milk. The meat used in this soup is generally chicken or beef. The curry sauce has some similarities with the yellow curries that are also known as Massaman curries. Massaman curry is also used in this dish sometimes. 

Khao Soi is a Thai dish that is also prepared in Northern Laos. Lao people follow a special way of cooking this dish. The Thai soup dish is also a popular Thai street food. You can also this tasty Thai soup at any of the restaurants in Thailand. 

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  1. Your information is incorrect. Khao Soi is not a "Thai dish that is also prepared in Northern Laos", but rather a Northern Lao dish that was derived from a Burmese dish. The dish then spread from Laos into Northern Thailand, which is why the Thai name is identical to the Lao name. Khao Soi did not originate in Thailand.