Yellow Curry

Yellow curry is one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine. The curry has become quite popular among the food lovers across the world. Thai cuisine is one of the most well known oriental cuisines that have become a perennial favorite of those who love to eat spicy food. You can get this delicious Thai curry in any of the Thai restaurants across the world. The curry dish one of the most well known curry dishes that are served in Thai cuisine. During your trip to Thailand do not forget to taste this flavorful curry dish at any of the restaurants in Thailand.

Yellow curry is usually known as Gaeng Ga ree and is one of the three most well known curry dishes of Thailand. These curry dishes are generally known by their color – red, green and yellow. This Thai curry dish is generally served in Thai restaurants in the west.

Yellow curry has a richer taste and creamier consistency than most other Thai curry dishes. In this dish coconut cream is used instead of coconut milk. The dish is cooked with a variety of spices and coconut cream is used to tone down the spiciness. The main ingredient of yellow curry is fresh turmeric that gives the curry the yellowish color. Black mustard seeds, nutmeg, palm sugar, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice and coconut milk. Meat is also used to prepare this curry. The dish is mainly prepared with duck, chicken, fish, shrimp and vegetables. The dish is generally served with rice or noodles dish.

There are several versions of yellow curry like Gold curry, Elephant Curry and Orange Curry. All these curries have distinct taste, consistency and flavor. In southern Thailand the yellow curry is prepared with a generous dose of spice that gives the curry a reddish brown appearance. Potato is also used in this curry in some regions of Thailand.

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