Som tam

Som tam is one of the well known Thai delicacies that have its origin in Laos. This dish has become quite popular among the Thai food lovers who stay in different parts of the world. The spiciness of the dish has made the simple dish a perennial favorite of spice loving foodies across the world. Som Tam is mainly a vegetarian dish that is originated in the northeastern region of Thailand. if you want to have a spicy dish that is full of nutrition and vegetable then do not forget to order Som Tam on your next trip to a Thai eatery. You are sure to love this dish.

Som Tam is also known as Som Tum and Tam Mak Hoong. It is originally a dish originated in Laos and Isan region of northeast Thailand. Though the dish is known by different name in Laos, the dish is most popularly known by its Thai name across the globe.

Som Tam is originally a spicy salad which is made from raw papaya. In this dish the papaya is shredded and mixed with a variety of spices. The four main ingredients used in this spicy Thai salad are lime (sour), chili (hot), fish sauce (salty) and Palm sugar (sweet). Thus, the dish has a perfect blend of all four main flavors that are often used in the Thai cuisine. To enhance the flavor of this tasty dish, garlic, padaek, yandlong beans, hog plums and tomatoes are added into it. In some versions of Som Tam brined crabs and shrimp paste are also used to enhance its taste. However, adding these two ingredients make the dish unsuitable for the vegetarians.
Som Tam is generally served with sticky rice and gai yang. It also is served over Thai rice noodles and raw vegetables. Eating this dish as a snack accompanied with crispy pork rinds is also a popular choice.

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