Spice it up with Thai

Ever wondered what is the secret behind the exotic taste and flavor of the Thai cuisine? Well, the secret reveals - it is nothing but a generous use of Thai spices and Thai herbs. Thai cuisine is notable for its spices and herbs. These herbs and spices add a distinct aroma and taste to the Thai cuisine. People from all around the world love Thai cuisine for its amazing spices and rich aromas.

A wide range of spices are used in Thai cuisine. Some of these spices are known to us while the others are used locally. The Thai shallots, galangal, young and old ginger, tumicuni, green tamarind, bale fruit, pepper corns, green pepper corns, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, cumin, coriander seed, mace, nutmeg, sesame seed, sorrel or Roselle, star anise, kefir lime, kaffir lime leaves and Chinese aster. These spices are often used in Thai cuisine to give it an exotic taste and flavor.

Apart from the Thai spices, Thai herbs are also used generously in Thai dishes. The Thai herbs like any other herbs often act as a flavoring agent. However, many of the spices give a distinct taste to the dishes. Thai parsley, pandang leaf, lemon basil, holy basil yanang leaf, coriander, laos coriander, ka yang, Asiatic pennywort, peppermint, Thai garlic, lemon grass, sweet Thai basil and acacia leaf. These Thai herbs add a distinct touch to each of Thai dishes.

Thai herbs and spices are the heart and soul of Thai cuisine. These herbs and spices provide Thai dishes a distinct character of its own. If you want to cook the Thai dishes at home look for these ingredients to bring the authentic taste in them. You can get most of these ingredients at a market near you.

Sweet Surrender in Bangkok

No discussion on any cuisine can be quite complete without a special mention of its desserts and Thai cuisine is not exception to the rule. The traditional Thai desserts are a delight to the dessert lovers around the world. The tasty delicacies from Thai cuisine are sure to make you crave for more. You can taste some authentic Thai desserts at any of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok. During your trip to the capital city of Thailand do not forget to give in to the sweet indulgence. You are sure to grow a fondness on these Thai desserts.

If you go to any of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok, you will be surprised to see the wide range of desserts on the menu. The Thai cuisine is famous for its desserts. You are sure to be spoilt for choice during the dessert course of a Thai dining experience. Thai sticky rice and mango is one of the most popular desserts in Thai Cuisine. If you love coconut, the baked coconut rice pudding and coconut jasmine pudding rice are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Khanom Thuay, Khanom Chan, Woon Krob, Lang Thueng, Khanom Maw Geang Kai and Tam Tim Grob are some of the traditional Thai desserts that are served after the traditional Thai meal. Banana rice pudding and bananas in coconut cream are some other Thai desserts that are extremely popular among Thai people as well as the tourists. The exotic taste and flavor of these fruity flavored desserts is sure to become a unique source of delight to those who love sweets.

Thai desserts are available in most of the Bangkok restaurants. However, you can also get a good number of Thai desserts in the street food stalls in Bangkok. Once you savor these tasty Thai delicacies you will not be able to resist yourself from surrendering to these sweet surprises.

Street Foods in Bangkok

Bored of dining in Luxury restaurants and food malls? Try the spice routes of Bangkok streets instead. There are several food stalls on the streets of Bangkok that serve you anything from spicy snacks to a full meal for a reasonable price. If you are hitting the street for a day long sightseeing or shopping in Bangkok then you can consider having some street foods in Bangkok and skip a four course meal in any of the Bangkok restaurants. Not only will it be a welcome change in the dining routine but also it will give you a feel of adventure and experimenting with food.

You will find street food shops in nearly every street in Bangkok. The street food vendors in this city sell a variety of food for a very small price. At any of the street food area in this city you will such a wide variety of food that it will be difficult for you to decide where to start from. The street food vendors offer you anything from fresh fruits to cooked meals. There is such a wide variety of food available at the street vendors that you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner of the streets of Bangkok.

If you are fond of fruits you can start the day with fresh cut fruits from the street vendor or enjoy some fruit juice too. For a more filling food you can choose the noodles or rice. Noodles or even falafel can serve as a good lunch on the streets. A tall glass of some freshly squeezed juice is a great way to end the meal. For dinner a plate of Pad Thai noodles is a great choice. Couple it with a drink or a beer and you are sure to derive great satisfaction. For the teetotalers a glass of juice is the perfect pair for Pad Thai at night.

Thus spending less that $5 you can have a tasty, healthy and satisfying meal on the streets of Bangkok. Falling in love with the street food in Bangkok is surely an affair to remember.

Tom Yum - A Thai Delicay

During your trip to Bangkok do not forget to binge on traditional Thai dishes. The lip smacking variety of authentic Thai cuisine is sure to take you on a satisfying gastronomic journey. There is a wide array of restaurants in Bangkok ranging from high end restaurants to street food shops where you will get delicious Thai meals that are spicy, salty, sweet and sour. Do not forget to taste Tom Yum which is one of the most popular dishes of Thai cuisine. You will get this tasty soup any Thai restaurant or food shop. If you are fond of spicy food and seafood then you are sure to love this Thai soup.

Tom yum is one of the most well known dishes in Thai dishes. Though originated in Thailand, the dish is also served widely in many of the neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. At present it has become one of the favorite dishes among the food lovers of the world. With this simple fact you can well imagine about the popularity of this dish. 
Characterized by its hot and sour flavors as well as a generous use of fragrant herbs Tom Yum is sure to overwhelm your taste buds. The basic broth of the Thai soup is made from a number of ingredients which include lemon grass, galangal, shallot, lime juice, tamarind, crushed chili peppers and leaves of Kaffir lime. Fish sauce is also used in this dish to create and enhance its distinct flavor.

Tom yum is made with a number of materials. Some of the well known variety of this dish includes tom yum goong which is made from prawns, tom yum gai which is made with chicken, tom yum pla made with fish and tom yum talay or tom yum po taek. The last variety of tom yum is made with mixed seafood and oyster mushrooms. The dish is garnished with fresh chopped coriander leaves. Tom yum nam khon is another less known variety of this dish. 
Tom yum is a well known Thai delicacy that tastes great and smells great too. If you are not trying tom yum on your trip to Bangkok, trust me, you are missing something.

Bangkok Banquet

One of the well known tourist hotspots and cultural centers of Asia, Bangkok is also known as a food lovers’ paradise. The city offers its visitors a sensational culinary journey which is sure to leave them craving for more. Here you can get a wide array of national and international dishes that are sure to satiate your taste buds. The eating options here seem to be limitless and so every food lover will get spoilt for choices in this city. While in Bangkok, travelers can enjoy an enriching journey through the spice route.

There are wide arrays of restaurants in Bangkok where you can get tasty treats from all the tasty cuisines around the world. The main attraction of Bangkok is of course Thai food. There are several restuarants, eateries and food malls in Bangkok were one can have a taste of the authentic Thai food. The sweet, sour, spicy and salty taste and exotic flavors of the Thai dishes are sure to overwhelm your taste buds. There are also a number of food stalls on the streets of Bangkok that serves mouthwatering snacks and yummies.

For those who want to enjoy a romantic experience there are special cruise dining arrangements. Boarding on the cruise one can enjoy a fine dining experience with authentic Thai foods like som tum and tom yum koong sailing along the Chao Phrang. There are some special eateries that arrange for traditional Thai cultural activities like misc and dance to give the guests a feel of Thai hospitality.

Apart from Thai cuisine, one can also get a wide range of dishes from all other well known Asian cuisines like Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. For those who prefer fast food to traditional Thai food or other oriental cuisine there are a number of well known fast food chains. You can also find numerous restaurants that offer your favorite continental, Italian and Mexican meals. There are also a number of bars that serve you the best wines and spirits of the world. You can enjoy some local wines at any of these bars.