Looking for some spicy fare that can also double as a filling food? Then you can opt for Sate which is a popular meat dish in Thailand. The dish has some similarities with kebab and is very spicy and delicious. Most of the tourists who visit Thailand make it a point to eat at least one dish of satay. If you are a food lover and love to try different dishes then you must taste a dish of satay during your trip to Thailand. You are definitely going to love the taste of satay.

According to the food historian, satay or sate originated in Java, Indonesia. Later it became a popular dish in much South East Asian country including Thailand. You can get a wide variety of satay in different parts of Thailand. The dish is very similar to sish kebab and yakitori. You can also get similar dishes in the cuisines around the world.

Sate or satay is a dish prepared with diced or sliced meat. A variety of meat is used to prepare this delicious dish. The meats used in this dish include goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish and chicken. These diced meats are placed in a skewer and are grilled or barbequed over charcoal frame or wood flame. Generally bamboo skewers are used to prepare this dish. However, in authentic preparation the midrib of coconut leaf is used as a skewer. The satays are then served with a number of spicy seasoning and sauces. The main characteristic of this dish is the use of turmeric in this dish. It gives the dish its distinct yellow tint. In most cases the grilled meats are served with spicy peanut dip, onion and cucumber. Sometimes it is served with ketupat or rice cakes. Pineapple based satay sauce is also served with some sate dishes.

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