Street Foods in Bangkok

Bored of dining in Luxury restaurants and food malls? Try the spice routes of Bangkok streets instead. There are several food stalls on the streets of Bangkok that serve you anything from spicy snacks to a full meal for a reasonable price. If you are hitting the street for a day long sightseeing or shopping in Bangkok then you can consider having some street foods in Bangkok and skip a four course meal in any of the Bangkok restaurants. Not only will it be a welcome change in the dining routine but also it will give you a feel of adventure and experimenting with food.

You will find street food shops in nearly every street in Bangkok. The street food vendors in this city sell a variety of food for a very small price. At any of the street food area in this city you will such a wide variety of food that it will be difficult for you to decide where to start from. The street food vendors offer you anything from fresh fruits to cooked meals. There is such a wide variety of food available at the street vendors that you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner of the streets of Bangkok.

If you are fond of fruits you can start the day with fresh cut fruits from the street vendor or enjoy some fruit juice too. For a more filling food you can choose the noodles or rice. Noodles or even falafel can serve as a good lunch on the streets. A tall glass of some freshly squeezed juice is a great way to end the meal. For dinner a plate of Pad Thai noodles is a great choice. Couple it with a drink or a beer and you are sure to derive great satisfaction. For the teetotalers a glass of juice is the perfect pair for Pad Thai at night.

Thus spending less that $5 you can have a tasty, healthy and satisfying meal on the streets of Bangkok. Falling in love with the street food in Bangkok is surely an affair to remember.

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