Sweet Surrender in Bangkok

No discussion on any cuisine can be quite complete without a special mention of its desserts and Thai cuisine is not exception to the rule. The traditional Thai desserts are a delight to the dessert lovers around the world. The tasty delicacies from Thai cuisine are sure to make you crave for more. You can taste some authentic Thai desserts at any of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok. During your trip to the capital city of Thailand do not forget to give in to the sweet indulgence. You are sure to grow a fondness on these Thai desserts.

If you go to any of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok, you will be surprised to see the wide range of desserts on the menu. The Thai cuisine is famous for its desserts. You are sure to be spoilt for choice during the dessert course of a Thai dining experience. Thai sticky rice and mango is one of the most popular desserts in Thai Cuisine. If you love coconut, the baked coconut rice pudding and coconut jasmine pudding rice are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Khanom Thuay, Khanom Chan, Woon Krob, Lang Thueng, Khanom Maw Geang Kai and Tam Tim Grob are some of the traditional Thai desserts that are served after the traditional Thai meal. Banana rice pudding and bananas in coconut cream are some other Thai desserts that are extremely popular among Thai people as well as the tourists. The exotic taste and flavor of these fruity flavored desserts is sure to become a unique source of delight to those who love sweets.

Thai desserts are available in most of the Bangkok restaurants. However, you can also get a good number of Thai desserts in the street food stalls in Bangkok. Once you savor these tasty Thai delicacies you will not be able to resist yourself from surrendering to these sweet surprises.

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