Spice it up with Thai

Ever wondered what is the secret behind the exotic taste and flavor of the Thai cuisine? Well, the secret reveals - it is nothing but a generous use of Thai spices and Thai herbs. Thai cuisine is notable for its spices and herbs. These herbs and spices add a distinct aroma and taste to the Thai cuisine. People from all around the world love Thai cuisine for its amazing spices and rich aromas.

A wide range of spices are used in Thai cuisine. Some of these spices are known to us while the others are used locally. The Thai shallots, galangal, young and old ginger, tumicuni, green tamarind, bale fruit, pepper corns, green pepper corns, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, cumin, coriander seed, mace, nutmeg, sesame seed, sorrel or Roselle, star anise, kefir lime, kaffir lime leaves and Chinese aster. These spices are often used in Thai cuisine to give it an exotic taste and flavor.

Apart from the Thai spices, Thai herbs are also used generously in Thai dishes. The Thai herbs like any other herbs often act as a flavoring agent. However, many of the spices give a distinct taste to the dishes. Thai parsley, pandang leaf, lemon basil, holy basil yanang leaf, coriander, laos coriander, ka yang, Asiatic pennywort, peppermint, Thai garlic, lemon grass, sweet Thai basil and acacia leaf. These Thai herbs add a distinct touch to each of Thai dishes.

Thai herbs and spices are the heart and soul of Thai cuisine. These herbs and spices provide Thai dishes a distinct character of its own. If you want to cook the Thai dishes at home look for these ingredients to bring the authentic taste in them. You can get most of these ingredients at a market near you.

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