During your trip to Thailand, do not forget to taste some of the best Thai dishes. Thai dishes have become a perennial favorite among the food lovers of the world. There is a number of Thailand. In Thai cuisine you can also find some influence of the neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos. This influence has enriched the Thai cuisine to some extent. Larb a Lao meat dish is one of the meat dishes that have become quite popular in Thailand. Though the dish has originated in Laos, the dish has been adapted into the cuisine of Thailand. Especially the people of Northeastern Thailand are very fond of this meat dish. During your trip to Thailand, do not forget to taste this tasty meat dish from any of the Thai restaurants.

Larb is also known as Laap, Larp or Laab and it is a well known type of Lao salad which is made with meat. The dish is prepared form a wide variety of meat. The meats used in this dish include chicken, beef, turkey, duck and pork. Fish is also used to prepare this dish at times. This Lao meat salad is often flavored with fish sauce and lime. The meat used in this dish is either raw or is cooked. The meat used in Larb is used in minced form. Chili, mint leaves, and assorted vegetables are often mixed with this minced meat to prepare this salad. Roughly toasted rice is also a major ingredient of this dish. Larb is generally served at the room temperature with sticky rice. There are some variations of this delicious dish. In some variations thin strips of meat are used instead of minced meat.

Larb is one of the most poplar dishes in Laos and is often called the unofficial national dish of the country. In Northeastern Thailand this dish has also became quite popular. You can find this Lao dish at most of the restaurants in Thailand.


  1. Foodland in Pattaya does a great Larb Gai and uses just chicken breast in it ( most places seem to think it's best with loads of chicken skin in there )

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