Bangkok Cocktails

Are you fond of alcoholic beverages? Then you are sure to get plenty of options in Bangkok. In this capital city of Thailand you will not only be able to enjoy your favorite wines spirits and cocktails but can also try some innovative alcoholic beverages that bear the signature of Thailand. There are a number of bars in the city where you can get a variety of choices of spirits and wines. The bartenders in these bars will also offer you the choicest variety of cocktails. But if you are feeling a little adventurous you may opt for some of the local Thai wines and spirits. The Thai cocktails are also worth a try. The exotic taste and flavor of these drinks will definitely be loved by you.

When you will visit any Bangkok bar, ask the friendly bartender there to serve you Mekong whiskey – a whiskey popular among Thai people. You are sure to love its texture and flavor. If you love cocktail then you will be amazed to see the wide variety of Thai cocktails. Each of these cocktails has its own signature. They bear the essence of Thailand and are as exotic as the country itself.

Some of the well known Bangkok cocktails include Bangkok cocktail, Chaophaya River, Siamese Sour, Penacarada and Narai Special. All these exotic cocktails are made of some indigenous ingredients. For example local rum, Mekong whisky, coconut water and Sam song are used in these cocktails to give them a distinct taste and flavor.

If you are adventurous and always love to try something new and exciting then these Bangkok cocktail are definitely game for you. Being in the hottest city of Thailand you can beat the heat with these cocktails and wines. Trust me, they are worth a try!!

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