Rice in Thai Cuisine

Rice is one of the staple foods of Thai cuisine. Like any Asian cuisine the Thai cuisine also have rice as its main food. You can get a plethora of rice dishes in Thai cuisine. From the appetizer to the desserts every course of Thai food has some rice dishes. Thailand is well known for their exotic cuisine. This cuisine has earned huge popularity among the food lovers all over the world. The rice dishes of this cuisine too have become very popular among those who enjoy Thai food.

Rice is one of main ingredients of Thai cooking. A variety of rice are used in this Thai cuisine. The varieties include jasmine rice, brown rice, sticky rice, sweet rice and black rice. The brown rice, sticky rice and Jasmine rice are generally used in the main course while the sweet rice and black rice are used generously to make Thai desserts.

Jasmine rice is a fragrant variety of rice that has some similarities with the Basmati rice. On the other hand Brown rice refers to whole grain rice. The Brown rice is well known for its nutritious value. Although jasmine rice is used in most of the dishes in Thai cuisine, brown rice is also used in some of the Thai dishes.
Rice is also used in a variety of Thai desserts. Thai rice puddings are among the most delicious Thai desserts. In the desserts jasmine rice is often used. Apart from that the sweet rice, a variety of rice with a sweet flavor and unusual stickiness is also used. Black rice, an exotic looking rice that has great taste, is also used for making Thai desserts. Black rice is also very nutritious. During your trip to Thailand do not forget to taste these amazing rice desserts and other dishes. The exotic taste of these dishes are sure to overwhelm your taste buds.

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