Thai Red Curry

You must have heard about red curry - the famous Thai dish. As the name suggests the amazing Thai dish is rich in color, taste and flavor. During your trip to Thailand you should make it a point to taste this amazing curry. Thai red curry has become one of the most well known dishes of Thai cuisine. The dish has a huge fan following all over the globe. Most of the food lovers who prefer Thai cuisine are fond of the Thai red curry. The red curry dish comes in a number of variations. You can opt for any of these variations to indulge yourself.

Thai red curry is a popular Thai dish which is generally prepared with red curry paste. Coconut milk and fish sauce are the other important ingredients of the dish. The red curry paste is one of the main curry pastes used in Thai cuisine. The curry paste is made from a wide variety of ingredients and spices. The ingredients of red curry dish include kaffir lime leaves or peel, bamboo shoots, Thai basil and Thai eggplant. The red curry paste sometimes contains shrimp paste and fish sauce. 

The red curry dishes are generally a meat dish. The meat used in this dish generally varies from chicken, beef, pork to shrimp and duck. For those who do not eat meat and prefer vegan dishes tofu or meat analogues can be used instead of meat. The shrimp paste and fish sauce can also be avoided to make the dish suitable for vegetarians. The vegan version of red curry dish also tastes as good as the non vegetarian version.

The red curry dish has a thick coup like consistency and is served with rice. The dish has become a perennial favorite of the Thai food lovers across the world. 

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