Pad Thai

When in Thailand do not forget to taste some authentic Thai dishes. Not only these Thai dishes will give you a deep insight of the Thai way of living but also will tantalize your taste buds with exotic spices. Thai food is well known for its spicy nature. There are a wide variety of Thai dishes that you can enjoy during your trip to Thailand. You can try different rice dishes for the main course or can also opt for noodles. If you love eating noodles do not forget to try Pad Thai, a Thai noodle dish that has a huge popularity among the food lovers across the world. Spicy, flavorful, sour, sweet and nutritious – pad Thai is sure to have a great impact on your taste buds. 

Pad Thai is a stir fried Thai rice noodle dish. The dish is made with rice noodle, eggs, chicken, tofu, shrimp and a variety of vegetables. Fish sauce, tamarind juice, lime juice and corianders are used to enhance the taste of this great dish. Pad Thai is an extremely satisfying Thai dish that is available everywhere in Thailand. whether you are eating at any high end restaurant or opting for a street food shop you are sure to find Pad Thai on menu. You can buy a plate of pad Thai from a street food stall spending a small amount of money. 

Pad Thai is a delicious dish of Thai cuisine. Everyone who love Thai food are fond of this amazing noodle dish. It is a very tasty and at the same time very filling. You are sure to have a satisfying meal with a dish of pad Thai. You can have a great meal with a plate of pad Thai from a street food stall while shopping or sightseeing. 

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