Regional Cuisines of Thailand

Thailand is famous for its exotic cuisine. Thai cuisine has become quite popular among the food lovers of the world. This cuisine is well known for being spicy and for offering a perfect blend of the fundamental flavors. These flavors include hot or spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Thai cuisine has become one of the most loved cuisines among the world. If you want to have some mouthwatering exotic dishes then you can try Thai cuisine. if you love spices you will surely love Thai cuisine.

Though Thai cuisine is often described as a single cuisine, it actually is a combination of cuisines originated in different parts of Thailand. Thai cuisine can be separated in several categories. These categories include northern cuisine, Northeastern cuisine, central cuisine and southern cuisine. All of these regional cuisines share a strong influence of the foods of the neighboring countries. The regional cuisines have their own specialties. These specialties make the cuisine stand out in the crowd. The southern Thai cuisine uses fresh turmeric and coconut milk to prepare the dishes while the Northeastern Thai cuisine uses lime juice in most of the dishes. Similarly other Thai cuisines use different spices and herbs. The central and southern Thai cuisine uses Kaffir lime leaves.

Like any other Asian cuisine the main staple food of Thai cuisine is rice. Rice is generally accompanied by spicy curries, stir fried dishes as well as other dishes. Apart from that several noodles dishes are also served in Thai cuisine. The noodles dishes generally come as a single dish. Different sauces are also used in Thai cuisine to spice up the taste of the dishes. The Thai dishes are generally eaten using forks or spoons. However, for consuming noodles soup the Thai people also uses the chopsticks. In some regions eating rice using the right hand is also a tradition. 

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