Thai Green Curry

If you love spicy food you are sure to love the amazing taste of Thai green curry. The spicy dish is sure to make you crave for more. The food lovers who are fond of Thai food love the sweet and spicy taste of green curry. Thai cuisine is one of the well known Asian cuisines that have become quite popular around the world. The green curry is one of the most popular Thai dish that has a good fan follower among the tourists. The green curry is one of the staple dish of Thai cuisine and is available in most of the eateries around Thailand. 

Green curry is one of the most popular Thai dishes that have become quite popular among the tourists. This variety of Thai curry is known by the color of the dish green curry has become quite popular among the Thai food loving people around the world. though the dish has some similarities with red and yellow curries there are differences in taste flavor as well as color. 

A number of ingredients are required to make this green curry. These includes coconut milk, aubergine, pea aubergine, fish sauce, sugar, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil leaves and green curry paste. The consistency of the curry can vary depending on the amount of green curry used ion this dish. The green curry paste is the most prominent ingredient of the dish. It is made using several ingredients including green chilies, shallots, garlic, galangal, fresh turmeric, salt and shrimp paste. All these ingredients are pounded in mortar to prepare this paste. The paste is friend in coconut cream for a while. Then meat, fish and vegetables are added with a pinch of brown sugar. After that Kaffir lime leaves, phrik chii faa and basil is added for fragrance. Wild ginger or krachai is also added while preparing this dish with fish or seafood. 

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