Beat the Heat with Bangkok Beverages

If you want to experiment with what you drink during your trip to Bangkok you will have a wide range of options. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is well known for its exotic food and drink. In this city you are sure to get some of the best alcoholic as well as non alcoholic Thai beverages that not only look great but tastes great too. The Thai alcoholic beverages with their exotic flavors will leave you craving for more. If you are a teetotaler you are sure to have a great time enjoying the mocktails and juices in the juice bars in the city.

Thailand is well known for its exotic food and beverages. You can get to taste the authentic Thai beverages in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. For the teetotalers there are plenty of non alcoholic beverages on offer. You can sip into the authentic Thai iced tea and flux your toxin from your body. Made from Thai black tea, condensed milk and ice the iced tea has a heavenly taste. Thai iced coffee too is a famous beverage of Bangkok the coffee is prepared using condensed milk which gives the coffee a rich texture and taste.

If you want to try something really unique which has the essence of Thailand in it, try coconut milk. Coconut milk is a widely used drink in Thailand where the water of a young coconut is drained from grated flesh of coconut. This coconut milk is often used in different Thai dishes too.

These are some of the most notable Thai drinks that bear the signature of Thailand. You can also get Thai lemonade, iced watermelon and many other drinks of similar kind in any of the Thai restaurants in Bangkok. Sipping in these Bangkok beverages you can surely beat the heat.

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