Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is one of the most popular main dishes of Thai cuisine. This dish is an integral part of Thai cuisine. No matter what dish you try it is always served with sticky rice. Noodle only comes as a close competitor. Sticky rice has become quite popular in differ t parts of the world. Food lovers across the globe enjoy sticky rice with the spicy Thai curry dishes. If you love Thai cuisine you are sure to develop a fondness of this variety of rice. If you have not tasted the rice dish then make sure you order some during your next trip to any Thai restaurant.

Sticky rice is a signature dish of Thai cuisine like tom yum and som tam. It is a variety of short grained Asian rice that becomes very sticky when it is cooked. Sticky rice is often known under different names. Some call it sweet rice and waxy rice depending on its taste and look. Botan Rice, Biroin Chal, mochi rice and pearl rice are some of the well known names of this variety of rice. The rice is also known as glutinous rice. The name was given to it tress on the glue-like stickiness of that dish and not for containing gluten.

In Thai language sticky rice is known as Khao Neaw. This rice is cooked after soaking them in water for long hours. After soaking the rice is steamed in a bamboo pot. After that the rice is turned out in a clear surface and is kneaded with an wooden paddle. This results into rice balls that stick to each other but not to the hands. Unlike the non-glutinous rice the rice dish appears to be sticky and dry. This dish is used in Thai cuisine and is also used to prepare Thai desserts.